Social Traffic plans and forecasts online advertising funnels powered by social traffic for product owners overwhelmed or confused about what to do next when it comes to growing a business in the new mediascape.

Social Traffic offer product owners online marketing funnel simulated comparisons showcasing innovative models powered by social ads that deliver ROI improvements of up to 50%, 100% and even 500% on existing campaigns. Social Traffic simplify different campaign scenarios into mathematical equations for you to visualize how small changes to one metric in a marketing funnel affects your bottom line.

Facebook Advertising

Never before has an advertising platform known so much about their end user interests, demographics, psychographics, buying behaviour, social networks and their interests.

Social Traffic specialize in leveraging Facebook’s powerful data-set for generating high quality traffic by targeting people by interests, and their social networks affinity with content subject matter.

Social Traffic

Most online advertising agencies talk about reach, engagement and conversion rates AFTER running a campaign.

Social Traffic models campaign scenarios, learning cause and effect of changes made throughout a campaign BEFORE we run it.

Who We Help

Social Traffic partners with owners of Information Products, Business Coaches, Authors, Membership Sites, Paid Newsletters, Health Supplements,  Software, Consultants, Events, Hospitality & Tourism Businesses, Golf Pro’s, Tennis Coaches, Online Courses and other products we believe we can help grow sales for.

Funnel Development

All we don’t know for sure through campaign simulation is if our conversion rate projections will be met. Other variables we input into a simulated campaign, like CPC, Profit Maximizers (Upsells/Downsells) and Pricing we control. Conversion rates will come down to “the offer”, “ad targeting”, “ad creative”, “funnel design”, “sales copy” and “email sequences”. This is the #1 reason you outsource funnel development and campaign management to experts like Social Traffic.

Campaign Simulation

Campaign simulations are our way of running tests virtually without consequences. We can show partners cause and effect of any change within a campaign model without taking a risk, at all, before asking them to fund the advertising.

Social Traffic | Facebook Advertising Agency partners see what effect changes to a campaign element has on campaign forecasts before spending their advertising budgets.

How It Works

Social Traffic researches your target market, help architect an offer that sells, build you an online marketing funnel that converts, implement a tracking and retargeting system that eliminates waste, write ad creative and sales copy that moves prospects into taking action, manage your advertising budget and optimize your campaign funnel… you pay us a monthly retainer for a minimum term into profitability… and beyond for as long as you are happy with your ROI.

How Profitable Is Your Campaign?

Social Traffic uses a marketing simulator software that makes it possible to know campaign outcomes before launching them. 

Marketing Campaign Simulator

Social Traffic can add your existing campaign data into our Marketing Campaign Simulator. Without charging we’ll introduce you to two new, innovative online marketing campaign funnels / models. Each scenario includes variations on the other compared to each element (numbers) underpinning and defining your current online marketing campaigns profitability.
High Conversions
Online Marketing Funnel Optimizer

Lifetime Customer Values

Constructing profitable online marketing funnels is about creating a system that receives cold traffic… then through an automated series of events filters, and segments prospective customers into multi-level engagement hierarchies designed to enhance communication effectiveness and maximize lifetime customer earnings. And the best part is the same systems used by multinational marketing behemoths to corner their respective markets can easily be applied to small business.

How Profitable Is Your Campaign?

Social Traffic’s campaign simulator makes it possible to know campaign outcomes before paying for the advertising. 
Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO

One things for certain Social SEO has both a direct and indirect impact on local and open web search rankings. We explore this topic in detail in our feature article “What is a Social SEO website redesign?”, why don’t you join us.

Social Signals

Social signals are the metadata captured from likes, shares, votes, pins or views via open social connect website widgets and links inside social media channels. Click to learn more about social signals in SEO.
Social Traffic Signals

How Profitable Is Your Campaign?

Social Traffic’s campaign simulator makes it possible to know campaign outcomes before paying for the advertising. 

SEO Principles In Web Design

Your website not being optimized for Social Media or SEO, unless your plan is to get traffic from TV, Radio or Print Ads, is akin to building a new house on footings you know weren’t laid properly and aren’t compliant. It’s only a matter of time before you have to redo it all over again, properly.
Why Redesign Your Website
What Is SEO In Web Design

SEO Website Design

Social Media and search move fast enough! Compound this with the speed WordPress, HTML5 and Mobile Technologies changed the world. To stay ahead we provide one service better than anyone, Social Media SEO Website Redesigns.

How Profitable Is Your Facebook Ad Campaign?

This online advertising campaign simulator makes it possible to know campaign outcomes before paying for the advertising.