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A Plan of Action Designed to Achieve a Particular Goal…

A “strategy” [FARMING] is distinct from “tactics” [HUNTING], “tactical” decisions are made to achieve greatest “immediate value”.  “Strategic” [FARMING] decisions are made to achieve the greatest “overall value”, irrespective of immediate returns.

Our ancestors would “hunt-and-gather” their food. This fed them alright, as long as they kept “doing-it”. They passed on their “hunter-gather” skills [TACTICS] from “generation-to-generation”. Until a [SMARTER] hunter woke up and said to himself, “this aint-livin!”

This [SMARTER] hunter “thought differently”, he thought to himself; “How can I achieve the greatest overall value, irrespective of immediate returns?”

A [SMARTER] strategy…

He built a fence, and herded wild animals into it so they couldn’t get away. Genius! No hunting for a month. With that success he thought some more, he got even [SMARTER].  He put some pretty girls behind this fence, with a strapping young man. Bingo!

Eggs, milk & meat on tap! WOW, all this spare time! Our [SMARTER] caveman no longer had to hunt every day. This gave him more time to think about, well, [SMARTER] Strategies!

Before long he’d moved out of his cave with a “gal-of-his-own”. They built a big fence around a large patch of land, and called it a “farm”. It wasn’t long before the whole community was sowing pasture, sleeping in beds, and driving RV’s.

Heck, they even ended up (generations later) “Tweeting” what they eat for breakfast on their mobile phones.