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Step 1. 

Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2. 

Go to “Post” and then click “All Posts.

Step 3.

Find the blog post you want to add your image to.

Then hover your mouse to the post title. The blog post options will appear, click on the “Edit” link.

Step 4. 

Add images to your post by clicking the “Add Media” button (top left of the wysiwyg editor). 

You can upload image files from your computer or insert existing images already loaded into your Media Library.

Step 5. 

Select the image you want to insert.

Step 6.

 “Click” the “Insert Into Post” button (bottom right of image library)

Step 7.

Format image alignment.


i) Click the image to view alignment options.

a) Align image to the left 



b)  Align image to the center

c) Align image to the right

d) No alignment

e) To edit image details

Click the image and then the edit icon (pencil) to open the pop up image editor.


Note: A more detailed explanation on how to edit images is discussed here: 

How to Upload and Format Images Using Media Manager

f) To delete image

Click the image and on the top options of the image click the “x” button.

Step 8.

When done click “Update.