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WARNING: Please take care when adding new content or making changes to your website as any
changes to “Short Codes” that look like this [recent_works nzs_category=”store”]
will break your website.

Step 1.

Log in to your wordpress Dashboard.

Step 2.

On the left side panel go to “Post” and Click “Add New“.

Step 3. 

Enter the Title of your post.

Note: Make sure your title is similar to your permalink and the title contains the keyword you want to rank on.

Step 4.

Add your copy into the “Visual Editor” (the top right of the wysiwyg editor).

Note: The “Text Editor” does not allow formatting.

Note: Having keywords in your body text is an advantage in SEO.

Step 5. 

Add images to your post by clicking the “Add Media” button (top left of the wysiwyg editor).

You can upload image files from your computer or insert existing images already loaded into your Media Library.


i) Select the image you want to insert.

ii) Click the “Insert Into Post” button (bottom right of image library)

iii) Click the image and then the edit icon (pencil) to set the image alignment (left, center or right) within your page.

Step 6. 

Using the wysiwyg editor toolbar, format your content (much the same as you do in Microsoft Word).

EG: Bold, italize, underline, align copy left and right… and many other functions.

Step 7. 

Towards the top right side of the page you will see the “Categories” box.

i)Add” or “Create New” “Blog Category” to file your blog posts into.

ii) You can file each blog post in more than one category.


Step 8. 

Towards the middle right side of the page you will see the below “Tags” box.

i) Add tags (keywords) to your blog post that readers can search to find it.


Step 9. 

Towards the bottom right side of the page you will see the below “Featured Image” box.

i)  Click the “Set featured image” link

ii) Select an image you want to feature with your blog post from the Media Library (or upload a new image file).

iii) Then click the “Set featured image” button (bottom right of the media library images).

Step 10. 

Towards the “top right” side of the page you will see the below “Publish” box.

i) When your blog post is complete click “Publish“.

ii) If not complete but finished working on for the day click “Save Draft”.

iii) Click “Preview” to see a preview of your post before publishing.