Product Purchases

(i) The payment of products to Social Traffic Inc by the customer are made through the Social Traffic Inc online client portal prior to products being made available. Social Traffic Inc document all refund guarantees and terms, in writing on the respective product sales pages. (ii) Social Traffic Inc does not provide automatic refunds for any transaction conducted through the Social Traffic Inc online client portal. Any request for a refund can be made by customers from within the Social Traffic Inc online client portal account. (iii) In the event that any payment dispute remains unresolved between yourself and Social Traffic may contact your financial institution and lodge the relevant Customer Claim Form. Your financial institution may investigate whether or not the payment relevant to the dispute was authorised by you, accordingly, you hereby authorise Social Traffic Inc to provide your financial institution with any information it may require to determine your claim. (iv) Transactions are processed using industry standard SSL encryption technology which ensures credit card details can not be compromised while in transit. Full credit card details are never stored by Social Traffic Inc in clear text with card details. Card details are encrypted using sophisticated PKI technologies preventing unauthorized access. Truncated versions of credit card numbers are stored and are accessible for the purposes of transaction identification.

Service Agreements

(i) Social Traffic Inc services include activities that require cooperation between the client and Social Traffic Inc. These activities include consultation, research, planning, designing, development and traffic campaigns among other things. (ii) Social Traffic Inc advise prospective clients to read our Terms & Conditions before entering into a services agreement with Social Traffic Inc. (iii) Invoices are sent to Clients Social Traffic Inc client portal email address. Clients must pay the first installment (setup fee) of invoices within 7 days. (iv) Clients agree Social Traffic Inc has sole responsibility for delivery of any service booked by the Client and that a Statement of Works for services will be generated after 50% of a services invoice is paid. (v) Clients agree Social Traffic Inc Statement of Works include detailed task lists defining final requirements for the agreed service. (vi) In the event a Statement of Works is in dispute between Clients and Social Traffic Inc Clients may, within 7 business days of receiving their Statement of Works, login to the Social Traffic Inc client portal and lodge the relevant cancellation request form. (vii) Clients acknowledge unless a Statement of Works is cancelled within 7 days (168 hours), that Social Traffic Inc does not provide a refund for any full, or part payment of service invoices unless a case for non compliance, or non performance is made by a Client against Social Traffic Inc (viii) Clients claiming non performance or non compliance of a Statement of Works must be made within 30 days of receiving their monthly progress / update report. All claims must be lodged in writing via the Social Traffic Inc client portal support desk. (ix) Claiming non performance, or non compliance of a Statement of Works must sight references to a Social Traffic Inc Statement of Works task list and include evidence of discrepancies, or non-compliance throughout any claim period. (x) Claims not lodged through the Social Traffic Inc client portal support desk within 30 days of invoices being sent will not be considered. (xi) Services invoices not in dispute must be paid within 7 days.