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Our team specializes in social Gorilla marketing techniques and leveraging social networks. We also regularly consult in this area, since it is something which every business or startup can benefit from. The interesting thing that people fail to connect is that everything can be an event.

If we can anchor particular events in our Facebook marketing campaigns we are building a community of individuals being brought together by a common goal or object of interest.

By tying each campaign to a series of physical events we can build conversations around the events that participants can enjoy value from. If we make the conversation interactive, those who engage will invite others to join. If we tie each campaign to the next, so that a sequence of events leads into one another, we diminish our cost of acquiring new fans through user distribution of our content. This happens only if our sales funnel has a capacity to filter out leads, prospects and customers from each node in particular campaigns.

Revolving doorThese principles can be applied to any business that wants to implement event anchored Facebook marketing to build a customer base.

We keep a vibrant revolving sequence of campaigns alive for two reasons; one is to show new visitors existing fans enjoying great value from belonging to our community. The second is that it allows us to apply event-anchored marketing tactics to sequences of continually evolving events with a start and end date / time. Such events can include contests, Q&A’s, product launches, seasonal opportunities and partner drives.

As a byproduct of this we are able to manage our risk better. If the community gets enough first generation fans on board through advertising, the more reason fans have to tell the world they’re fans of our business, the more they invite new members to join them.

This generates enough organic growth that we never have to advertise to the public again, not having to advertise will always heighten the value of being a part of an online community. So if our initial launches are successful enough they can lead us towards the enviable position of having a steady enough organic growth rates pushing quality, referred fans to us, eliminating the need to invite them. Instantly positioning our community as exclusive. Money is all of a sudden chasing us.