SEO Audit: Would You Like 9 Comprehensive SEO Audit, Website Visibility & Analysis Reports for Your Business…

Absolutely FREE?

Dear SEO Audit Recipient,

Simon U Ford here, founder of Social Traffic Inc. If you are here it’s because one of our reps has identified you as someone who will benefit from an SEO audit, who isn’t actively searching for one. They have confirmed your website is underperforming in search engine results, relative to the number of search queries performed by in proximity consumers searching for solutions your business solves locally. In short, you’re someone who will benefit from our service to an extent that far outweighs the cost. I’ve set aside some time for my office to perform a full SEO audit for you personally. When your SEO audit is complete we will meet with you live, in an online meeting and walk through each factor holding your website back… we are offering this specifically to your business. We will also outline a blueprint and a process map informing you of the work required to get your website performing at its optimum, relative to what your local marketplace is searching for, that you sell.

Here’s How the SEO Audit Works

Our team begin working before we ever meet. We crawl and analyze your websites on-page factors. We will study your target market to find 5 competitors doing well in local search. We will analyse their web presence and even go through their website sales process to glean what is working for them locally.

SEO Audit Walk Through, One on One

We’ll do this using our online meeting platform, sharing our screen as we walk you through the results of 9 in depth research and analysis SEO audit reports we have listed below, for your convenience. Likewise clicking any screenshot thumbnail will open the full image. Everything is done custom, and researched specifically for your local business.

There Is No Charge For This SEO Audit

and There Is No Catch… …Which of course leads you to wonder, “Why would you do all of this work for free?” Well, in the interest of transparency, this is how I get clients. A good percentage of the people we do this for end up asking us to perform full SEO website redesigns and other ongoing services for them. When that happens, my in-house team and I will actually use the SEO audit we have already performed to reengineer our clients on-site SEO, social and local web presence. We would ensure all of your website on-page, social and local web properties metadata is congruent and fully optimized for search engine crawlers and website visitors alike. On-site optimization doesn’t stop at SEO either, all of our web designs are created with social and search linkability in mind. By linking social share widgets to your 3rd party properties we will optimize for social metadata to be congruent with your website metadata, which means shareworthy content is going to start enjoying a level of amplification not currently available to you. We believe that after presenting this to you with our SEO audit reports, you will agree this is an area you should be investing in.  So that’s my “hidden motivation” for offering you almost $500 worth of SEO audit reports without charging. However …

This Is NOT A “Sales Pitch In Disguise”.

Far from it. You’ll get no pressure to become a client because we let the value of the work we perform speak for itself. The SEO audit, web presence and competitor analysis reports we conduct for you, free, will absolutely transform the way you view your website, search engines, social signals and the internet as a delivery platform, and how your business should be leveraging it. I guarantee it. If you’d like us to commence work on your audit and competitor analysis report, click the button below and give Facebook permission to share your email address with us so we can get started.



We determine exactly how search engines see your website & how it compares to your top competitors, see example.


We display your citations side-by-side with your top 10 competitors to learn which sites they’re listed on, that you’re not, see example.


We identify the top 10 Google+ Local profiles for your primary search phrase & analyse ranking signals pushing them into the top 10, against yours, see example.


We list the 5 most common categories used by your top 10 competitors and compare them against yours.


We analyze your Google+ Local listing and compare it against your top 5 local business competitors see example.


We will identify the on-site SEO problems holding your website back. Instant online seo audit here.


We monitor search rankings in Google & Google Local/Maps for a complete overview of your existing web presence, see example.


We get a clear picture of your social status on the 4 big social networks in determining a social optimization strategy to make your brand more social.


We search top local directories for mentions of your business and document the important NAP data (business Name, Address, Phone number) being displayed, see example.