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A recent study reveals that on average, Facebook had a visitor hooked on it for over 405 minutes in January alone, while newcomer Google+ had a mere 3 minutes per user. While the figures for Google+ are quite a disappointment, the simple fact that Facebook visitors spend almost 7 hours each month on the platform, is a clear signal of how social networking has become a part of our lives.

For first time businesses or even the existing ones, making people fall in love with your page is a key ingredient in acquiring fans, generating qualified prospects and views to your brand. Listed here are six methods you can use to keep your fans hooked to your social platforms.

Spread the Word

Improving your likes by requesting your fans to assist in spreading the word will certainly bring more visitors to your pages. There is no reason to hold your fan figures static when you are able to grow.

Word-of- mouth and up-dates are often excellent ways to maintain interest and add to your conversation and content of your brand.

Quality is the Real Key

We have said it before and we will say it once more: Good quality content will always make your business shine. Some of the most successful brands draw in more conversations not because they update frequently, but because they incite their fans into commenting, questioning and liking.

Updating regularly will get you more page views within the short-term, but you will not have the fans stuck to your pages till you provide them with a valid reason to do so.

Keep Conversations Burning

TalkingOne of the finest ways to have your fans attracted to your Facebook page or Twitter would be to discuss about current events or ask questions.

Question of the day, polls, or just discussing about an issue which is relevant and current to your business will keep your fans thrilled about your business and may inspire recommendations which could be beneficial in your mission to social media success.

In the same way, replying to fans comments will make sure that they’re treasured and that you are listening to them.

Use of Imagery

Everybody loves photos! Okay, maybe not everybody, but if you want your fans to be engaged, uploading photo galleries will hook your fans and readers to stay for a longer period on your social media platforms.

Some great ideas for photo galleries on your blog or Facebook page include a behind the scenes shoot or a sneak preview of an up-coming event.

Start Contests

FreebiesAlmost everyone likes freebies. You can come up with a contest to hand out something in return for additional likes. Getting a question right won’t just bring traffic to your pages but will also keep your fans coming for more.

Keep Your Word

Keep your word and avoid making promises you cannot keep. If you offered to send freebies to your fans, give a special discount or you promised to invite selected fans to a product launch/event, then you must do everything to make sure it happens.