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You can walk the mile in creating your business and carefully plan all the details for your product or services, but if you don’t get your goods or services known to the public, it will all be a waste of time.

It takes planning and effort to accomplish this and become trusted by your target audience.

Here are ten ways to get your business known:

Promotion Pack

Be prepared when you are on the go. You need to have some business cards, pamphlets or brochures, and a newsletter with you at all times. You could even include some freebies to give out. Pens and pencils with your logo on them are great for this.


Another easy way to let people know you are out there is to have your logo put on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and jackets. In this way, you will be advertising your business wherever you go.

Fan Cap

Paperwork and Supplies

Any papers you use for your business can have your logo on them. It could be envelopes, stationary, invoices or anything else that goes out to customers. This will reach a lot of people and spread the word.

Vehicle Advertisement

Another great way to let people know you are out there, whenever you travel, is to have your ad on your vehicle. You will be visible all over town and be sure to have your web site and phone number included.


Joining an organization that is relevant to your business is a great way of not only getting known, but it is a good way to meet people that have similar connections. You can learn a lot from other business people.

Create/Sponsor Event

When you create or sponsor an event you not only get your name out there, but this is a way to grow respect and trust from your community and that goes a long way to encourage referrals.


Nothing gets the word out better than to give a presentation or seminar to help people understand what your product or service is all about. You not only get people involved, but you can create a following.

Newsletter/Press Release

Social MediaWhat a great way to introduce or give information about your adventure. You can reach a lot of people in this way. You can also have an internet based press release to achieve a greater coverage.


This is something that business owners take lightly. There is a lot of ways that you can tackle this. You can write articles and release them on the web, or you could write books or eBooks on your business. This will help to expose your product or services.

The Web

Opening a website or a blog is a great way to advertise your product or services. You could even get on the social sites and try your hand at Facebook or Twitter. Networking on sites like LinkedIn is another way to get in touch with other business owners and share information.

There are so many ways to get in touch with your target audience, you just have to implement them and be persistent to get yourself known.