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The level of competition in online business has gone a notch higher, with businesses struggling to stay afloat and get noticed by major search engines.

Being one of the best known search engines, Google has very stiff requirements that businesses must meet before they get recognized.

In that respect, there are key ingredients that businesses may employ in their websites in order to get noticed and loved by Google. But what methods can one employ in order to get their business loved by Google?

Understand  Social Media and Search Engine

First, you need to understand that social media and search engine optimization go hand in hand. In that respect, you must make good use of social media if you want to make it somewhere with Google.

Big QuestionYou need to include sites like Twitter and Facebook on our website and remain an active member by delivering good and quality content on a regular basis. Even though you might fail to notice remarkable improvements in the beginning, you are sure of seeing your business being picked up by Google once this has gained momentum.

When building links for your website, it is important to ensure that they are natural. You should avoid buying links at all costs because such links are only going to offer you shortcuts that may hurt your rankings in Google.

On the same breath, you need to understand how important it is to get backlinks that are of high quality and relevant to your business. Your journey to get noticed by Google will prove a lot more fruitful if you choose to use ethical methods of getting backlinks.

Connect with Authoritative Websites

Another proven way of getting Google to love your business is connecting your business with authoritative websites. Google takes a lot of interest in finding out how well connected businesses are.


Consequently, getting backlinks through authoritative sites that Google natural favours is also a great boost to your online business.

If you come across a site that offers relevant and factual information, then it would help to get it backlinked to your site. Ask for their permission to guest post or comment on a regular basis. You can as well ask the blogger to mention your site’s name in their blogs.

A business can also give itself the best opportunity to get its website loved by Google by producing periodic and keyword rich content that is relevant to its website. Even though updating a website with new and captivating content could be an uphill task, it actually pays off handsomely if you manage to get a professional do it.

Google, just like any other search engine, has very stringent measures when it comes to ranking businesses. It actually needs a lot of effort and time investment from the business owner in order to realize some results.

However, with a spirited campaign, every small effort you put into making Google love your business will pay off in the long run. Do not fall into the category of businesses that have a lot to offer but fail to form a strong relationship with Google. Make Google happy and fall in love with your business and be rewarded with lots of traffic.