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If You were a Corporation, What’s Your Stock Worth?

We need to seriously reconsider how we network online – there are individuals who think that online networking is not different to offline networking,  except you can do more of it across “distance and time”.

A lot of people who “get this” will read this note, just as I read notes written by others that lead to a thought process towards establishing more rewarding relationships online.

Am I the only one who feels a movement of people who “get this” flocking together, like birds of a feather, or do we all sense what’s happening around us. I want to hold onto this thought whilst we take a moment to look at ourselves as an important part of this movement. A movement where paid media once reserved for big spenders has taken a back seat to “earned media” and “reputation marketing”.

Let’s take each of us and consider ourselves as an entity that has a set worth, like a corporation of some sort (Just like Nightingale’s philosophy).

Let’s consider that our “circle of trust” are people who believe in us and have invested in us, let’s look at this investment as them owning shares in our stock value.
Circle of TrustNow it would be each of ours responsibility to ensure that our stock value increases over time so that the investment our circle of trust has made in us pay’s them a healthy dividend as well as a capital gain over time. If we don’t do this they will stop investing in us.

Now what if we were the CEO of a major corporation that had hundreds of staff, thousands of clients and multiple stock holders that all cohabited under the one umbrella – and it was your responsibility to continually add value for these stakeholders. You are going to want some talented people adding value each day if you are going to succeed in your role.

Now, as the CEO of a major corporation, if you were to set a target of lifting the corporation’s stock value over a defined period, would you tackle this by asking your executives to produce more or would you be better served off focusing on the individuals. What if you were to embark on a campaign that touched all your stock holders, customers, staff and executives through?

Group of People What if, you were able to lead them all into focusing on elevating their own focus to increase the level of intent they carry into each day. What if you were capable of encouraging everyone to enhance the level of perceived value they represent to the people around them.

Now, wouldn’t it be true that if everyone was able to elevate their intent towards others, at some point, this would increase the value each individual represents to others.

This could only lead to the value of the entire corporation to rise, along with its stock price. Does this mean that everyone should hit the street and pick 1000 people to start adding value to? No, but everyone can increase their level of intent with everyone they come in contact with through every single day by adopting a simple shift in mindset.

Open doors for ladies, give your seats to old people on a bus, say thank you, appreciate the person who serves you coffee, it’s the little things that increase your overall intent which ultimately determines our stock price as an individual.

My point is this, if we all shifted our mindset to see ourselves as having a stock value and we all started viewing the people in our lives as stakeholders in our corporation who had varying degrees invested in us, we would be forced to accept our market value. If we don’t like what we see then we must accept that there is only one way to fix it. We should focus on the value we represent to our stock holders and find ways of enhancing it so that stock price can rise.

Do you see the analogy here?

If we run around obsessed with making fickle connections who we can yell at by shoving links in their faces and demanding they listen to us then it’s only a matter of time before your stock price crashes. You can only, at best be building a bubble and as we all know, bubbles pop.