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Now more than ever, potential guests are making their way to social media pages rather than hotel websites to glean more insight before travel planning.

Social media gives people the opportunity to see whether or not their experience will be as stellar as the one you portray on a website. Yes, most people will listen to what other guests have had to say before they trust your opinion (after all, you’re clearly a little more biased on how great your hotel is), but don’t discount your voice on social media.

Beyond giving your business a human element—which is much more effective at creating connections and reeling guests in—your social media pages define who you are. You could be just as boring as a brochure without an authentic voice, or you could set yourself apart from your competitors by flaunting your personality.

Here are some ways to avoid the dreaded robot voice and to put yourself in the mindset of being a social media rock star:

Know To Whom You’re Speaking

Your audience should never be described as “everybody.” Nothing is a one-size-fits-all product or service, including your hotel. Do you cater to families, or young couples on their honeymoon? Do you aim to please the corporate crowd who spend more of their time traveling for work than they do at home? Whomever your audience includes, you need to make sure that your voice is speaking directly to their wants and needs.

Ask How You Can Help Others, Not How They Can Help You

Customer service is every business’ bread and butter. From the CEO to the guy who takes care of the foliage out front, keeping your guests happy should drive every effort of your business. With that being said, one of the first impressions your guests are going to get of you will be from social media, so taking your customer service efforts online is of utmost importance.

Storytelling: Paint a Picture for Your Hotel

As human beings, we are wired for stories. Stories are what pull at our heartstrings, make us dream bigger, give us hope, and inspire us to take action. Once you’ve established whom you’re speaking to, captivate your audience by sharing stories that they’ll want to hear.

Social media is the ideal tool for storytelling, especially for hotels. To not use it to your advantage would be a huge misstep in the process of finding your brand voice. Share stories about your hotel guests and employees (if given permission), as well as the city you’re located in. Paint the whole picture of what someone could experience while staying at your hotel by sharing the memories that have already been made there. The best part is, unlike a brochure that may get glanced at and then forgotten, you have the opportunity to really show and tell through social media. Be top of mind from the moment they decide on your destination, to when they book.

The old adage “pictures are worth a thousand words” comes to mind here. Photos, videos and guest testimonials are just a few things that can really bring your voice to life rather than a bunch of text that will be left unread.

Establish Trust

Rule No. 1: be an expert.

Being an expert means answering all the questions for your guests before they even have to ask.

Rule No. 2: keep your promises.

When you make a promise to your audience, you’d better deliver. This means if you are guaranteeing your guests the VIP treatment, they want to see proof in the form of the services that you offer or through guest testimonials.

It’s that simple.

Do these two things and you’ll have the trust of your guests, and yes—it’s that simple.

Keeping these factors in mind while crafting your social media strategy will give way to a one-of-a-kind brand voice that is representative of your brand’s core.

 Credits: How to Establish Your Hotel’s Voice on Social Media