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I Want to Partner with People I Add the Most Value To…

It enhances the value I represent as a person and by the same token, I want to work with people who add value to what I do.

In my personal life I want to partner with people who are like mirrors that reflect me – so as to amplify my value. I married a wonderful woman who is witness to everything I do in life and in business. Without her, other family and my closest friends, what I do in business has no meaning.

When you are networking online, let’s first understand the value you represent to each other with a view to reaching a higher potential in your businesses together. Take some time to think about the collective power of a great movement of people that are focused on the overall intent they represent each other versus working in your own direction.

If committing to a relationship, lets be sure we can honor it and let’s not commit to more than we can honor. If you have read my Sleeping With The Enemy post you will have seen what my focus on 14 effective relationships did for me in a previous business.

Hand ShakeWhat I didn’t talk about in that post was how I started out begging, borrowing and stealing to start one very small 30 backpacker business. I had no clout, I didn’t have the numbers with 30 beds to be taken seriously by anyone in my industry or in hospitality. I could not approach top clubs and promoters in town with a view to partnering because at that stage there was not a lot of value I was able to offer them.

Instead I focused on relationships where I did represent value, my backpacker customers who valued everything I was able to do for them. This trend was reciprocated by them wanting to add value to what I was doing because it’s in our nature to want that.

Eight years later, through maintaining this focus, my network was 5 tiered from myself, down to my managers, to our house captains, to their lodgers onto their friends that was the most powerful social movement in Sydney that every pub, club and promoter in town wanted to work with. The same people I could never have added value to in such a relationship when I started out.

The key message here is that I didn’t try to go after those people who weren’t ready to listen in the beginning. The Social Traffic Inc. movement has been moving along nicely for a few years now and it will keep moving where the masses allow it to go. Everyone of us is a part of it, I see many thought leaders producing great content that is forging paths that a lot of us want to follow.

I see amazing contributors who add value to the efforts of others including mine, and most impressively I see a community that debates protocol and etiquette with a constructive precision, intent on building a better online community.

“I can see the emergence of a shift away from meaningless “fake social networking” towards online relationships anchored to “real world reputations” that represent measurable value…”

My aim is to publish thought provoking content that delivers value to those people who enjoy consuming it. My intention is to add enough value to those around me that I attract a top line network of people who I can start a process of building a circle of trust with. I would like to introduce a process whereby I can expand and amplify these connections through a series of interconnected business networks operating under a similar charter.
Group of People Linked Together
This charter is to strive for better ways of harnessing our collective resources into strong infallible ties built on a foundation of trust enabling us to grow together as a movement of thought leaders in the space of online reputation marketing using social media as a delivery platform.

The movement does not need structure but it will need boundaries, and it has to be recognized as a movement for it to become a collective force.

If I was to pick ten people who have added the most value to my efforts here on Facebook I don’t need to look very far. I will be making sure I let everyone know that I recognize the value these individuals represent to me.