Social Traffic

Social Traffic Since 2007

Simon U Ford started Social Traffic in 2007 as an incubator for innovative business owners to leverage the new mediascape to better engage and grow their client base.

Throughout this time Social Traffic has accumulated exceptional social infused advertising knowledge and experience allowing us to effectively satisfy the online reputation exposures of our many clients and partners.

From the beginning Social Traffic has thrived on meeting and exceeding our clients needs, well and truly breaking from the grip of being viewed as a commodity service provider where the only differentiator is price. Social Traffic now places JV Partnerships with product owners as our priority business model and growth strategy. We soar above the rest in our commitment to building Marketing Funnels powered by Social Advertising with Joint Venture Partners, preventing mistakes and reducing losses in that area. Responding to requests from product owners previously burnt, attempting to execute Social Advertising campaigns without the necessary expertise and or skills to make it work.

Social Traffic Community

Social Traffic strives to grow a professional network underpinned by quality and substance. Ours is an organization that believes in the net worth of a collection of partners and associates, rather than physical assets. We believe in nurturing individual partnership successes in order for the collective network of partnerships to succeed. We believe in channelling support and direction to those who need it, but only if they are 100% committed.

We will not invest in the half-hearted.

Social Traffic has a partner network of product owners, and digital marketing experts who are a close knit community bonded by a shared passion for interesting projects, launches, scalable social traffic campaigns and content. Our common denominator is an acceptance that for any online business to grow, it needs a rock solid foundation of skills underpinning it. An online community is a valuable business asset you control. Underpinning that asset with a platform facilitating the acquisition of exponential attention (social traffic) into content, offers, deals, products and services (online marketing funnels) you also control, on demand, is plugging your business into a river of gold.

While it’s tempting for any product owner to want to be part of a knowledge-base and think tank capable of realizing this dream — the truth is that for Social Traffic to remain profitable, we must have a self-balanced screening system. One that helps filter out product owners who are good for their word, from those who are just sugar-mouthed.

Social Traffic is not for individuals unable to see price driven investment into inexperienced service providers, and underfunding a marketing campaign is a loser’s game. There can be no winners. At the same time so is overfunding poorly performing campaigns.

We look to potential partners who are best in their collective fields. This elevates our enhanced collective professional network into positions that facilitate access to bigger and better opportunities. Sharing collective professional wisdom empowers the collective knowledge-base through learning one another’s mistakes. Working alone, you can only learn by your own.


Facebook Advertising Experts

Social Media experts since back when public consensus wasn’t even sure if social media was here to stay, or a passing fad. Social Traffic has pioneered effective social infused marketing solutions, delivering positive returns on investments within our field of expertise for well over a decade. We have built a global business around quality partners. We are a Facebook Advertising Agency with a difference… for our business model to work we are backing our own abilities through sharing profits from campaigns we manage rather than charging up front service fee’s. We are capable of facilitating your goal of putting the right offer in front of the right people at the right time, then realizing our campaign goal through a specialized online marketing funnel, at a profitable price point. Our own earning capacity depends on it.

Traffic Campaigns

Our strategy is to simulate different campaign models and scenarios (outcomes) giving potential partners forecasts that help them make better, more aware, less complicated — Social Advertising Budget choices before committing to finance a campaigns ad spend. Social Traffic specialize in campaign models promoting offers known to convert online, and in particular Social Advertising traffic sources.

Our core business is simulating different campaign scenarios to prove concepts, where the numbers make sense, committing our expertise and time to build out a campaign funnel, researching marketplaces, buying Social Advertising media, tracking and optimizing campaigns into profitability in return for a percentage of the profit margins we generate from managing a product owner’s advertising budget.

We do offer paid solutions not directly related to Joint Venture Campaigns to enhance our partners overall web presence, including but not limited to Social SEO Website developments, Search Engine Optimization and various other digital marketing related Software Tools.

Social Traffic PO Box 1218 Tewantin Qld 4565, Australia

An Australian resident as founder (Simon U Ford), contractors throughout Asia, associates in the UK, USA and New Zealand makes Social Traffic a global Facebook marketing agency with a difference. We create effective Joint Venture Partnerships with product owners throughout the world and back our own ability to run profitable campaigns by charging a percentage of profits, rather than hourly rates. We are a full-service Facebook Advertising Agency and Social SEO website developer capable of facilitating the new media marketing objectives of JV Partners, and clients alike.