Good SEO Principles In Web Design

Good SEO Principles in Web Design has become a merger between traditional website design, on-page SEO, social signals and local search metadata optimization, including off-page local business citations and social media channel optimization.

SEO Web Design

Our SEO web design prioritizes optimization of traditional on-site SEO ranking factors like keyword, content & internal linking hierarchies, rewriting existing copy for SEO plus optimizing user navigation and page layouts.

We minimize server requests, image file size, page load times plus optimize for browser and multi-device readiness. We obsess over search engine crawler bots ability to read your page content and metadata as intended.

Social Metadata

Our SEO web designs include web pages (content/topics) being integrated with social microdata and rich snippet markup options that push primary and secondary keywords, ratings, profile pictures and other rich snippets into search and social metadata.

This metadata will inspire interest from the right prospects, amplify click-through rates in search results and boost social amplification.

Off-Site SMO & SEO

A Social Traffic SEO web design includes SMO for the same keywords, hashtags and social metadata as your on-site SEO.

We create, optimize and verify local business listings, citations and social media channels at your business address.

By linking your locally verified, social SEO boosted network of 3rd party web pages about your business to your website, we will establish trust with search engines, credibility with consumers and improve website authority / search rankings.

Google Authorship

Social Traffic will configure your SEO web design so published content is associated with you as a verified author & publisher. Adding verified author tags to content published on any website assigns it more credibility. Your content will rank higher, stand out in search results with your profile picture included and links will pass more value.

Additionally your content will be listed in the first page of Google search results for anyone in your social network who has engaged with similar content of yours in the past.

On-Site SMO

Social SEO web design, like traditional SEO web design includes on-site and off-site factors with the added dimension of SMO (Social Media Optimization). A Social Traffic SEO web design is built with linkability in mind.

We integrate tagging for Facebook opengraph and Twitter cards. Descriptive URL’s make page topics obvious and share buttons integrated with open social standards pass inherent value to sharers who receive credit by their audiences, delivering your content pages 2nd & 3rd level amplification.

Local Metadata

Our SEO web design service includes leveraging the latest advances in local metadata, NAP (name, address and phone number info), local maps on-site links plus de-indexing and demoting low quality content pages and inbound links.

We grow your presence in local directory listings and categories plus we integrate “at a glance”, “sentiment” and “testimonial” rich snippets into your web design, along with adding customer review widgets and “rel canonical” tags throughout.


SEO Copywriting

Western writers rewriting 650 words of keyword optimized original content, or creating 350 words from scratch, all natural looking descriptions of products and services you sell.

Page Redesign

Good SEO principles in web design includes redesigning web pages to better emphasize certain phrases through use of h1, h2, bold and italics tags.

Image Optimization

Good SEO principles in web design includes adding royalty free images to web pages including appropriate meta tags to optimize images URL’s in “image search engine results”.

Metadata Optimization

Good SEO principles in web design includes adding relevant Title, Description and Keyword Tags to your pages that will appease search engine crawlers and persuade online searchers to click your search results.

Webmaster Tools

Good SEO principles in web design includes setting up Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster Tool accounts + verification to communicate with search engines directly.


Good SEO principles in web design includes the creation of XML Sitemaps for search engine crawlers and HTML sitemaps for human visitors + uploading them to Webmaster Tool Accounts.

Duplicate Content Prevention

Good SEO principles in web design includes Duplicate Content Analysis and Prevention (redirecting so duplicate (and similar) content only appears on one indexed URL) across your domain.

Internal Link Structures

Good SEO principles in web design includes a Linking Structure Audit – removing dead links and linking to relevant page silo’s passing optimum page authority throughout your domain.

Google Analytics Setup

Good SEO principles in web design includes Google Analytics Setup & Installation Code On Your Web Pages.


If pages take longer than 4 seconds to load and are not mobile friendly more than 66% of visitors abandon their browsing sessions leading to search engines not referring you.


More than 50% of in-proximity consumers searching local queries on Google from mobile devices end-up purchasing. Your website needs to be optimized to rank for the same queries.


No longer are poor quality spam links just ignored. If pointing to your website they harm your search engine rankings. We remove links with low quality metrics and irrelevant subject areas.

Smart, Flexible, Responsive & Affordable…

With all the technical talk we forgot to mention, unlike most websites that are designed by SEO experts, our SEO web designs are smart looking and flexible…


We develop on the WordPress platform specializing in themes with beautiful and unique layouts visually, and the flexibility to create truly dynamic search engine optimized website designs.


Our designs are all wonderfully responsive no matter how you choose to configure your website. Each and every building block conforms to your site visitor’s screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience.


The only limitations to how our design elements can be customized and arranged, are search engine crawlability and page load speeds. Our SEO web designs look great, perform better and are surprisingly affordable.


Number of Local Searches Performed on Mobiles


Mobile Searches Resulting In Calls To Local Businesses


Mobile Searchers Visiting In-Store Within 24 Hrs


Smartphone Searchers Using Website Directions to Visit In-Store

What Our Clients Say About Our Web Designs & Expertise

Social Traffic took our business to another level by designing not only a stunning website, but one that has seamlessly integrated our web presence into one cohesive marketing system that self perpetuates growth. To say “we are happy clients”… is an understatement.


Chairman, South Pacific Bridal

Within four months of installing my website my cafe’s average monthly growth rate for the year grew by 60%.


Owner, Jamaica Blue Cafe

I have trained under people like Terry Dean & Kirk Christiansen, Stompernet & Yanik Silver’s underground seminar over the past 5 years. I am here to tell you Simon U. Ford is right up there with the best of all these experts.


Small Business Consultant, Video Testimony >>

I started doing some research and discovered there are perhaps, maybe 12 people in the world who can call themselves true social media experts. Simon U. Ford would have to be near the top of that list.


PR Consultant, Video Testimony >>

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SEO Web Design Configurable Options

Purchases include a configurable option that allow you to decide how many 3rd party (local listing and social media) web properties we optimize as part of your SEO web design deliverable.

Social Media Channels

We optimize 3rd party social media pages using social infused versions of the same keywords, descriptions and metadata your SEO web design was optimized for.

Business Listings

We optimize and verify local business listings using localized versions of the same keywords, descriptions, metadata photos and graphics used to optimize your SEO web design.


Keeping social and localized versions of keywords, descriptions, business information and branding congruent with your SEO web design throughout National, Niche and Local Directories will amplify your visibility across organic, social and local search engines.

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