Social Traffic Community

Social Traffic Community

The is how the Social Traffic Community came into existence, a testament to us being original pioneers in building online communities.

The Social Traffic community started with a vision…

A story that later seeped into the lives of hundreds of people across the globe. We have been taking risks, causing ripples, trying new ideas, running start-ups for a while now. As you know, you win some and you lose some, all the while growing from experience. People around us wanted us to share our insights and knowledge with them.

This demand gave birth to our book “Social Traffic – Marketing in the New Media Scape” that introduced some radically new ideas in online marketing and product launches.

The interest around the book led to the formation of an active thought-leader group on Facebook — which we call the nucleus of our “Social Traffic” community.

It later gained so much momentum that it turned into a learning and coaching platform for new media strategies. Through that platform, we trained dozens of professionals to become new media specialists and trainers. The rigorous trainings and exercise-centric workshops fine-tuned the skills of these associates and helped them learn how to run online marketing campaigns.

Social Traffic’s famous Facebook Conversation Marketing Campaign

Online Social Network Way back in 2007, through writing Facebook notes and tagging influencers, Social Traffic’s founder, Simon U Ford was able to lead a Facebook (the first of its kind using notes) viral conversation marketing campaign.

By practicing what he preached throughout the 4 week campaign Simon added more than 5000 new eMail subscribers to his list and sold over one thousand copies of his eBook:

Social Traffic, Marketing in the New Media Scape.

The entire campaign cost him less than $50 and the time it took him to write the notes and drive the conversation across Facebook.

A landmark of our community was our attempt to build an Independent Global Organization promoting charities using social media

The Earth-Day Birthday Campaign was a test for that attempt. Although the association of these people was strong, it was a bit disconnected initially.

To combat that, Social Traffic Inc. was incorporated in Delaware, and become it’s own independent new media marketing agency.

Associates could then use this platform as a touchstone for their own consulting careers and businesses.

Our professional standards and filtering process had always demanded excellence. Only the most talented, experienced and committed participants are still involved with Social Traffic Inc. today.

Rising Above the Commonplace of Competition

Social Traffic Inc’s core focus has always been to grow the quality and substance of our professional network…

Ours is an organization that believes in the net worth of the collected customers and associates rather than physical assets. It believes in nurturing the right individuals’ success in order for the collective network of individuals to succeed. It believes in channeling support and direction to those who need it, but only if they are 100% committed.

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We do not invest in the half-hearted. Social Traffic Inc’s associates and customers are a close knit community bonded by a shared passion for interesting business projects, launches, marketing campaigns and content.

Our common denominator is an acceptance that for any business to grow, it needs a rock solid blueprint.

While it’s tempting to want to be a part of such a knowledge-base and think tank — the truth is that it must have a self-balanced screening system. This helps to filter out people who are good for their word from those who are just sugar-mouthed.

It’s not for those who aren’t at par with this mindset of being on the ground, trying new things, learning from the school of hard knocks by taking risks. We work with associates and customers who are the best in their collective fields.

This elevates our enhanced collective professional network into positions that facilitate access to bigger and better opportunities.