Social Traffic Philosophy

Man Stands Out among Other Social Traffic Philosophy

Social Traffic Philosophy is that you can be the best person in your field. The best lawyer, real estate agent, financial advisor or whatever it is that you do – but it won’t matter a bit if you’re not a good marketer. Your skills will not benefit all of the people they can influence or help, if nobody ever gets to know about them.

Social Traffic Philosophy is that inbound marketing done well, should eliminate the need for a sales team. The most important point in any marketing funnel is the point where cold leads are introduced, but only if they convert into sales. A clever backend marketing campaign grows customer values, and referrals, but without effective advertising you will not have new customers who can spend more.

Businesses with a mindset of; “we don’t need to advertise” cannot reach their potential.

Social Traffic Philosophy is that advertising need only pay for itself on the front end, if on the back end you grow customer values higher than the competition — you win market share!

You may have the best product or service on Earth, but it’s worthless if the right prospects don’t know about it. We see a lot of people making the mistake of honing their advertising and marketing skills constantly and wondering why they can’t reach as many people as they should, or why modern consumers ignore their messaging without spending a minute or a penny on proven marketing systems, qualified resources, expert consultancy and or experienced education — one that ensures their blueprint for growing a business is sound before investing heavily into any attempt to grow it.

By marketing, we’re not referring to huge budgets, we’re referring to building an online marketing funnel that no matter how simple or sophisticated, converts leads into sales with the least friction.

The bottom line is this; “it’s more effective to be an adequate doctor with good marketing skills, than the best doctor with no marketing skills — because in the former, you’ll be able to bring more positive change into the world”.

The Perfect Blend

Marketing is about telling a consistent story told through all of the ways in which you touch a consumer. Advertising is where the story starts for cold prospects, and you must engage cold prospects to enjoy sustainable business growth. From advertising, to landing pages, marketing funnels, transactional funnels, to web-presence, price indexing, social proof, product unboxing and after-sales service. Every touch point becomes a part of your brand story.

The best marketers can entice customers to tell their story to other consumers who have not yet interacting with their brand. The best way to prompt existing customers to proudly tell your story, is by displaying ads locally on high trafficked national news sites in the company of well known national brands.

What makes Nike, Nike?

What makes SONY good?

Why is the Apple experience seamless?

What makes all of these brands so special?

It’s about the story that they let brand evangelists build in their heads — and how they live up to those expectations.

It Can’t Be Done?

Social Traffic Inc’s philosophy as an organization is to be a catalyst of change in mindsets for our clients businesses.

Hand Shake We want to introduce ideas, strategies and processes that can not only help you provide a cohesive message to your audience, but also learn to become good and competent online advertisers and marketers.

There is value in what you’re doing and offering. The only thing stopping you from achieving your potential as a person or a business is your ability to expand your customer reach, and the amount of value you represent to other consumers.

Do this right and you’ll get close to achieving the holy grail of advertising & marketing: “instead of always chasing money, money will start chasing you”.

It’s never been a more important time to become a good self-advertiser and marketer and use the right online tools to dominate your local niche. If you have the budgets to hire expert online advertisers like us that’s great; otherwise, subscribe to our email and learn the ropes yourself. Invest time into honing your advertising and marketing skills here.