The terms & conditions set out below govern the Social Traffic Inc Client / Customer relationship.

Social Traffic Inc

Social Traffic Inc is dedicated to helping local businesses drive more traffic to their web properties through social infused on-site SEO web design, and improving off-page SEO factors like citation and link building. Consultation, marketing ideas, training, websites, tools, implementation and execution – we are a single source for new media marketing solutions.

Customers / Clients

Anyone who purchases a product is a Customer and local business owners who purchase services are Clients of Social Traffic Inc.

Clickwrap Acceptance

Social Traffic Inc. Customers / Clients agree to clickwrap (also known as a “clickthrough” agreement or clickwrap license) acceptance binding any Social Traffic Inc product purchase or services invoice payment or any other circumstances where agreement is sought using electronic media in the same way as a written signature. Social Traffic Inc will require customers and clients to manifest his or her assent by clicking an “OK” or “AGREE” or “BUY” button on a dialog box or pop-up window before purchasing one of our products or services.

Customers / Clients can indicate a rejection by closing the window. Upon rejection, the Customer / Client cannot use or purchase a Social Traffic Inc product or service. Before clicking “OK” or “AGREE” or “BUY” when purchasing a product, accepting a quote or paying an invoice, please carefully read these terms and conditions (called the “Agreement”), which govern your receipt of the products and or services.

You agree that by clicking “OK” or “AGREE” or “BUY” before making a payment, these terms and conditions become binding on you. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions,“CLOSE THE BROWSER” when asked to click “OK” or “AGREE” or “BUY” before making your payment, which will terminate the application by you to receive our products and or services.

Client Portal

All Social Traffic Inc Customers / Clients receive a secure client account within the Social Traffic Inc client portal. Here Customers / Clients can submit support tickets, purchase more products / services, add ons, configurable options and make payments or request cancellations relating to products or services already purchased.


Products are paid for up front before being released to a Customer. Social Traffic Inc offer information and software products that require varying degrees of input from users to realize effective results. Social Traffic Inc guarantee all products work as described. Unless specifically stated in writing,  Social Traffic Inc does not guarantee results.


Existing Clients can purchase services through our client portal, or by accepting a quote emailed to their client portal email address. Acceptance of our service agreement is finalized when the first installment of a service invoice, or instant online quote is paid. Services include setup fees and monthly retainers paid over a pre-defined number of months.

Ongoing monthly payments must be paid on the monthly anniversary of a services agreement initial payment over an agreed service term duration. Services are offered to clients with solid marketing direction and clear goals. Please see our Refund Policy here.