Video Marketing Strategy…

The best video marketing strategy starts with investing in a video player that supports an entire marketing and sales funnel within the player canvas itself.

The latest in video player technology allows us to overlay countless marketing superpowers onto your video’s as they play, and provide embed codes to place on any webpage, and a link to place in Facebook’s news feed for streaming video’s to Facebook’s users.

YouTube Video Marketing Steps

Step 1: Enter YouTube / New Video URL Into Our Player

There’s three types of video you can load into the player. A 3rd party video from YouTube, a video file hosted in dropbox and a hosted file on Amazon S3…

Run Contests

A great video marketing strategy is to run video contests using our player within the Facebook news feed.

Split Test

No video marketing strategy would be complete without A/B split testing videos across different web pages and inside the Facebook news feed.

Timed Buttons

Add timed buttons & more inside your video player hosted on any website and within the Facebook news feed

Step 2: Add Superpowers To Your Video Player

And there’s lots to choose from. Opt-in boxes, overlays, share gates, retargeting pixels and see even more below…

Timed Opt-in Boxes

Add great looking opt-in overlay’s at any time during your video at a point where viewers are hooked, to capture emails and build your subscriber list.


When someone wants to see the rest of your video because the opening hooks their interests, ask them to share the video on their Facebook timeline before showing them the rest. Even customise the message tailoring it to your video script to generate a wave of free traffic back into your video.

Opt-in gates

Grow your subscriber list by locking your content until you’ve got the crucial contact… then message them afterwards to see what they thought about the video message.

Timed Calls To Act

Add clickable buy buttons to ANY part of your video to push viewers into your sales pages.

Shown or Hide Controls

Give your visitors control of force them to watch the whole video – your choice.

Player Customization

You decide the look and feel of your video player to match your brand and website. Some videos are better on the big screen, our player shows your videos the size and way you want them to look.

Auto-generate Thumbnails

Generate thumbnails with just a click. No time-wasting trying to manually capture and upload an image.

Auto-Adjust Logic

How many times have you needed to place a video on a sidebar or placeholder that required you to know the EXACT height and width?  How annoying is that!  Not any more.

Pulsating Buttons

It’s easy for a video to go unnoticed, especially if there’s a lot of content on a page but it’s really hard to go unnoticed if you enable this option because the play button will be pulsating until it’s clicked.

Logo Masking

Found a great video online but has a logo in it that might distract your viewers? Just choose the “Logo” and put yours on top of it.

Responsive Players

All our videos play in both web and mobile ready formats.

Video Security

Our player protects your video files by automatically hiding the video URL from source code making it impossible for others to rip, share or download your videos.

Look No Further

Start Video Marketing Today!

Step 3: Publish Your Video Anywhere

Publish On Facebook

Most player features work on Facebook, that means you can collect leads, generate traffic and sales all within the Facebook news feed.

Publish On WordPress

Simply copy and paste the embed code into any WordPress html widget to play interactive videos on your website or WordPress columns (sidebar widgets). It works on ecommerce platforms too.

Embed It Anywhere!

Simply copy and paste the embed code onto any web page and reap the powerful features of our interactive player overlays.

Step 4: Analytics Reporting / Optimization

Engagement Graphs


Video's as a Percentage of all Mobile Traffic


Watches Approx 1/3 Through the Average Online Video


People Watching Online Videos Daily


Businesses Featuring Video On Branded Websites

Look No Further

Start Video Marketing Today!

Bonus Offer

If you purchase a player through this page we’ll throw in our most up-to-date VIDEO SEO CHECKLIST. Ticking every step taken towards researching, rendering your file  and loading it to YouTube puts it in the frame to outrank every other video competing for the same keywords, not optimized the way this checklist will ensure you do, every time (keyword research steps included). To claim this bonus just email your purchase receipt to sales at “socialtraffic” dot “cc”.

Video Keyword Research

Our SEO checklist includes steps for keyword research designed to ensure your video’s rank for search phrases that represent commercial intent, and types of videos shown in both Google and YouTube search results.

On-video SEO

Optimizing raw video files, video scripts, metadata like titles, tags, descriptions, channel and YouTube video page copy and viewer metadata like view counts, average minutes watched, comments, likes all contribute to whether or not your video has a chance of ranking, or not.

Social Signals

Signals that YouTube & Google’s web & mobile search user agents (crawlers, bots or whatever you call them) send back to the mothership include a video’s social metadata. Social metadata are the breadcrumb trails left behind from humans interact with your video content, a digital footprint of sorts. An absence of social metadata tagged against your video against our keyword is a signal to the search engine the video is not likely to deliver their end users a positive user experience if they were to refer them to it. This is clearly not how you want search engines viewing your video, and they won’t if you follow our SEO checklist.
Video Social SEO
Video Syndication