What Is SEO In Web Design

What Is SEO In Web Design


Let’s assume for a moment a web page was a bucket. Links to and from each bucket represent link authority (pagerank) passed from bucket to bucket at varying degrees of pressure. Links from high authority buckets are larger hoses, larger hoses pass more link authority.

Link Authority

The best ranking buckets for a given search query would therefore be the one that retains the most water. Internal linking structures are deployed to control, redistribute and store the maximum volume of inbound water throughout as many buckets as is possible across a domain.


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Edge Rank

Social Authority

Social authority sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest use similar ranking algorithms in determining authority profiles, content and business pages throughout their own domains.

Social Signals

Social authority website end users like, retweet, view, share, comment & follow. This engagement connects like minded people with friends, authority profiles and brands they follow, and the content they consume. Social Signals (social metadata) is the breadcrumb trail of these interactions.


On-site SEO


Social Media SEO


Local Visability


Website Redesign

Social Signals Seo

Social Metadata

Google consider links published and shared on social services credible inbound links. When posts are shared, account id’s of contributors are collected by social media sites as metadata. Also collected by different networks are names, locations, language, profile bio info, account created data, usernames, conversation contributors, locations when contributing, dates and times / timezones, devices used, followers, followings, favorites and verification statuses.

Social Search

Whether using social metadata directly in search algorithms, or indirectly relying on larger social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest using it to perfect their own algorithms, then aggregating the results in determining social link authority, search engines like Google rely heavily on social signals to determine page rank.

YouTube SEO (Example)

Channel Optimization

Video content is why people visit YouTube channels. If social metadata engagement with your videos pushes into open social, and is not aligned with your business goals, views will never amplify profitably.

Content Blueprint

Ranking for some keywords gets video’s into 3rd position of Google’s local search results. We deliver a content optimization blueprint that delivers both YouTube & Google exposure.

Off-channel Factors

The % of a video watched, queries searched before playing and engagement likes, shares & comments are important off channel ranking factors you can’t control, but can influence. We show you how.

Social Signals Seo

Local Authority

Local authority sites like business directories (Yelp, Google Plus Local, Facebook Local & Foursquare etc) use similar ranking algorithms in determining local business authority online, through consumer ratings and reviews within their own domains.

Local Signals

Local authority site end users who rate, review, endorse, share, comment & check in connect like minded in proximity consumers with local businesses they frequent. Local search signals are the breadcrumb trails from these interactions.


9 X SEO Audit Reports (free) — and little insights that will change the way you view your website and search engines as a delivery platform for getting more sales…

Mobile Phone Metadata

Location Metadata

Unless actively taking steps to stop it, Google automatically records your Smartphone metadata every 45 seconds, time stamping each coordinate and recording it against your smartphone device number in refining mobile and local search algorithms.

Connections Metadata

The phone conversations, being content, are off limits – but the metadata includes connectivity with other smartphone device numbers (SMS messages, social connects, calls etc…), the length of connections and up to minute location timestamps of each connection. See what they’re recording from your smartphone here.

  • Web Page Conversion Rate Optimization
  • On-Site Optimization for Local Search
  • On-Site Optimization for Social Signals
  • G+ Page Optimized for Local
  • YouTube Channel Optimized for Local
  • Facebook Page Optimized for Local
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimized for Local
  • Twitter Profile Optimized for Local
  • Pinterest Channel Optimization
  • Foursquare Profile Optimized for Local
  • Local Search Directory Optimization
  • Link Building for Local Keywords

What Is SEO In Web Design to Social Traffic?

Search engines rank web pages for authority in their ability to deliver quality solutions for their end users. Page authority is determined by crawlers gathering metadata representing a digital footprint left behind in online interactions between real people.

Social Traffic’s SEO website redesign service uses high search volume social infused keywords with low competition to underpin both your on-site, and social media on-page optimization. An unparalleled understanding of metadata, open social graph, local and open search engine optimization in web design, positions us to improve both your website and social media linkability in ways knowbody else can.

We don’t find you new customers we re-engineer your web presence, maximizing search impressions, social shares, ratings & reviews, whilst amplifying click-through rates… so they can find you.

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